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Access Floor, Floor Access System, Raised Access Floors and Cavity Floors:

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Raised floor systems deliver an unlimited ability to reconfigure data and electrical systems on demand. Under floor air distribution reduces energy costs, improves indoor air quality, and enhances personal productivity and comfort. These benefits and more reside in a green building, environmentally-conscious construction solution.

Over 25 years of innovation have made INNER SPACE - Kebao access floor systems  the definitive source for bringing today's buildings into the future.

Access Floor System and Raised  Floor, Raised Floor System, False floor system by INNER SPACE:

M/s. INNER SPACE is an importer and sole distributor of Kebao access floor systems in India. The company is one of the most experienced company in the field of interiors from Mumbai, having infrastructure for materials distribution, warehousing, contracting and the adequate team of the experienced personnel for installation and back-up technical support. The company is engaged in access floor activities along-with false ceiling and turnkey jobs for a long time. The company has a network all over the India for easy availability of products to their customers. considering the latest development in Software, Telecom, Power sector and other sectors to meet the demand of advanced / high Tech materials, the company offers world class access floor systems at a competitive price. Presently the company caters to Indian market through its dealer network in Cities and States, M/s. Inner Space is committed to offer satisfactory services / upgrading technologies to meet the demands of the 21st century.

INNER SPACE provides unparalleled capacity and flexibility for the modern office and high technology environment, saving life cycle costs and improving workplace efficiency.

INNER SPACE provides patented all steel, quick-connect low profile access floor - the strongest raised floor, the most adaptable raised floor, flase floor, access flor and the most cost-effective access floor system, cavity floors, raised access flooring system available in the world. Whether used as a raised access floor, computer floor, or general office floor, INNER SPACE provides optimal wire and cable management, saving life cycle costs and greatly improving workplace efficiency for the modern office and computer environment, false ceiling, computer access flooring, access floor panels, floor access panel, floor tile, access panels, computer floor, access systems, attic floor, access doors, floor ceramic tile, access ladders, access hatches, laminate floor, floating floor, floor tiles, panel, panels, access floor boxes, floor access panel, access cavity floor, Bare, Antistatic PVC Tile, Antistatic Carpet, computer rooms, grommets, grilles, software technology parks, data centers, server rooms, call centers, switch rooms, HVAC, telecom sectors, clean rooms, hospitals and operation theaters, laboratories, power plants, factory control rooms, offshore platforms, electronic Industries & networking rooms, modular access flooring, buildings, banks, offices, equipment rooms, computer air-conditioning, computer rooms etc.

Access floor Products :

The products offered are Steel Cement Solid Field Access Floor Panels, Hollow Steel Panels in different sizes and thickness, having different load bearing capacities to meet the loading requirement of customers. The tile understructure and accessories manufactured are made with high quality steel plates/sheets under the technical processes of deep press dieing, multi-point tack melding, finishing PVC coating, injecting foamed cement, laminating HPL and conductive tile, inserting conductive rubber trims along the four edges. Pedestal system is made from zinc plated steel structure. Kebao offers the latest design in raise floor systems with different understructure and panel combination to meet the structural / mechanical / architectural needs. The company also offers wood core and mineral core panel to meet acoustic and thermal requirement. These are made out of high-density chip particle board and mineral core.

Quality / Certification :

Kebao Access Floor Systems are perfectly flat, dimensionally stable and provide accurate line
and level. This panel has many characteristics such as electrostatic discharge protection, fireproof, excellent non combustible, high wear resisting, high loading capacity, anti-static properties (with HPL & carpet tile) simple for installation, inter changeable and long lasting. The company has gained ISO 9001 certificate. The products manufactured are fully in accordance with the standards CISCA of USA, MOB of UK and SJ/T10796 2001 of the P.R. of China and are approved by the electronic Industry Electrostatic Discharge Protection Product Quality Checking Center. Kebao access floor systems come pre- finished from factory. Lamination and beadings are pest on panel edges with hot press high pressure technique on automatic line using Japanese adhesive to give it permanent strength.

Usage :

The "Kebao" access floor systems are ideal for all high-tech buildings, offices to hide cables, electrical wires, telephone wires, HVAC system, lane and data cabling, control cabling, plumbing pipe etc It provides easy accessibility for maintenance, fully inter-changeable and flexible to adopt the changed layout / plan. Used in computer rooms, software technology parks, data centers, server rooms , call centers, switch rooms, telecom sectors, clean rooms, hospitals and operation theaters, laboratories, power plants, factory control rooms, offshore platforms, electronic Industries & networking rooms etc.

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